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Official 2015 Korean LoL eSports Reform Plan Finalized and Announced
Tuesday November 11, 2014 - KeSPA, Riot Games Korea and OnGameNet have announced the final version of their 2015 plan

Grimm "Cry Luison" Review: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Saturday November 22, 2014 - Grimm S04E05: "Cry Luison" There were quite a few LOL WUT moments in "Cry Luison." Momma Renard cooked up some rapey juice to get Nick his groove back, and Juliette was going to...

Russell Brand Stuns Jimmy Fallon With Hilarious Monologues During "Word Sneak" Game: Watch!
Wednesday November 19, 2014 - LOL! Jimmy Fallon was baffled into silence by a verbose Russell Brand during his Tuesday, Nov. 18 Tonight Show appearance -- and it was hilarious to watch!