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Happy New Year  (Category: New Year)

Have a great weekend!  (Category: Weekend)

Water drops on a leaf  (Category: Facebook Covers)

For You... Happy Sunday  (Category: Sunday)

Cape Cod Sunset  (Category: Facebook Covers)

welcome to my page  (Category: Welcome To My Profile)

Bambi looks at his reflection  (Category: Bambi)

Bambi sitting by a stream  (Category: Bambi)

A fairy kneeling in a pool  (Category: Fairies)

Enchanted lovers share a kiss  (Category: Fantasy)

An enchanted tree opens like a book to reveal a pond  (Category: Fantasy)

A woman blows butterflies from her hand  (Category: Fantasy)

Blue haired lady pour water into a fountain  (Category: Fantasy)

A girl still by the water  (Category: Fantasy)

A woman watches mountains the color of gold  (Category: Fantasy)

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