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A boat with wings carries two people under a beautiful sky  (Category: Fantasy)

Droste effect art showing a girl and conch shell  (Category: Fantasy)

A woman, a horse and wolves eyes  (Category: Fantasy)

Fairies playing in the night  (Category: Fantasy)

When you can not go back, we should only be concerned with how best to move on. -Paulo Coelho. Beautiful Weekend  (Category: Weekend)

A rose in heavy rain  (Category: Roses)

Red roses covered in water droplets  (Category: Roses)

A yellow and white rose reflected in water  (Category: Roses)

A blue rose under water  (Category: Roses)

The petals of a pink rose covered in drops of water  (Category: Roses)

A pink and red rose lying in water  (Category: Roses)

A red rose reflected in water  (Category: Roses)

A glittering red rose reflected in water  (Category: Roses)

Red roses in the rain  (Category: Roses)

Three eagles flying low over water  (Category: Eagles)

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