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Dumbo Flying Holding a Black Feather  (Category: Dumbo)

Dumbo Looking at Timothy  (Category: Dumbo)

Dumbo and Timothy Sleeping on a Branch  (Category: Dumbo)

An eagle attacking its prey  (Category: Eagles)

A drawing of a bald eagle  (Category: Eagles)

A drawing of eagles and mountians  (Category: Eagles)

A drawing of eagles fighting  (Category: Eagles)

Black and white drawing of an eagle  (Category: Eagles)

A drawing of an eagle with a fish  (Category: Eagles)

Love you Mom.  (Category: Mother's Day)

if my heart had a face, it would be smiling  (Category: Heart)

Trying to reach a heart  (Category: Heart)

A Brown Teddy Bear  (Category: Teddy Bears)

A Grey Teddy Bear Playing with a Toy Duck  (Category: Teddy Bears)

Portrait of a Tabby Cat  (Category: Cats)

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