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Windmills made with butterflies art  (Category: Fantasy)

A Pretty Blonde Mermaid  (Category: Mermaids)

A beautiful drawing of roses  (Category: Roses)

Pretty red roses in a glass jar  (Category: Roses)

A drawing of red roses in a ceramic jar  (Category: Roses)

Birds Eating Seeds on a Bird Table  (Category: Birds)

A Humming Bird Feeding from a Flower  (Category: Birds)

Two Owls in a Forest  (Category: Birds)

A Bright Yellow Bird Flying  (Category: Birds)

Two Multicolored Parrots Perched on Branches  (Category: Birds)

A Drawing of a Bird with Flowers  (Category: Birds)

Tinkerbell the Little Fairy  (Category: Tinkerbell)

Tinkerbell Drawing  (Category: Tinkerbell)

Tinkerbell Spinning and Dancing  (Category: Tinkerbell)

A drawing of flowers  (Category: Flowers)

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