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Hope you have a relaxing May Day!  (Category: May Day)

It's May Day! Enjoy!  (Category: May Day)

You Make Me Smile :)  (Category: Smile)

A Yellow Care Bear  (Category: Care Bears)

Brown Bear Stands at Urinal  (Category: Funny Animals)

Black Bear Using the Urinal  (Category: Funny Animals)

Happy Teacher's Day!  (Category: Teacher's Day)

happy teachers day!  (Category: Teacher's Day)

Happy Sunday  (Category: Sunday)

Happy Father's Day  (Category: Father's Day)

Hi i just wanted to send you a little note to let you know that i was thinking of you  (Category: Thinking of You)

Hi! Happppy Monday!  (Category: Monday)

Bear  (Category: Hello)

Just Wanted to Keep in Touch and Let You Know You're in my Thoughts.  (Category: Keep In Touch)

Bear  (Category: Good Evening)