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Hug Day image 1

On send a hug day...sending the warmest of hugs to the coolest friend I have

Hug Day image 2

Missing your hugs very much on Send a Hug Day and everyday!

Hug Day image 3

Its hug day....and I just hugged you in my thoughts...hope you felt the squeeze!

Hug Day image 4

Its send a hug day! But thats not why Im sending you this. I couldnt resist getting my arms around U! Hug

Hug Day image 5

Its send a hug day...and I just popped out to hug you and are soo cute!

Hug Day image 6

Did you suddenly feel warm, nice and loved? Thats because I jus hugged U in my thoughts

Hug Day image 7

Wanna say on International Hug day, hugs are always sweet, but they are the sweetest and the warmest when from you

Hug Day image 8

On send a hug day...sending you a tight hug topped up with my smooches!

Hug Day image 9

On hug say, I got one big super duper hug waiting here for you!

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